Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bleary eyed in Schiphol transit Duty Free

Hello everyone,
I started this blog in order to create a sort of backstory for 'Spin the Globe Lamp...' and also answer some FAQ's about it.
This is the first part of a "diptych" you might say, of the fictional weave I created of the traveling that Attila and I did when he was younger.
Both parts of the book were completed in 2010, shortly after I returned from Versailles, France, where I'd been working for a few months. I had begun writing it as a fictional account, back in 2004, shortly before we moved to London, UK.

So, what is real is, a) the names of the countries the boy and his mom visit in the book Attila and I have visited; b) the name 'Attila', because it's crucial to the character development of the boy in the story; c) the spinning of a globe lamp, which I still own.
Inevitably - and a little sadly - the spinning genie has abandoned his duties!

All other places, people and events are amalgamations, composites, or totally fictional. I made it up! It's stories with humor, trying to escape reality!

The ochre background in this blog represents the dominant color and smell - I smell in colors - of Cairo; cumin! 

More spinning to come...

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